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Mittwoch, September 29th, 2010

The NAUTILUS is a beautifull glass bong by Black Leaf.
Due to its innovative vertical perculator architecture, this bong does not need a kick hole.

This 32 cm size bong lets you discover the deepest depths of extraordinary smoking.

Die schöne Nautilus


50cm (20″) Black Leaf percolator bong

Sonntag, Juni 27th, 2010

50cm Black Leaf Percolator-Bong50cm Black Leaf Percolator BongThe 50cm (20″) Black Leaf percolator bong is a bong wich comes together with a Precooler.

With its precooler and the 5 slot dome perc ist brings you mild and smooth smoke.

With the Precooler, the Chillum and the perc this Bong brings you trippple filtered Smoke.

With its great colur glass design this bong is a real eye catcher.

50cm (20″) Black Leaf percolator bong at Smoketown Headshop

Nice Price Percolator Bongs

Sonntag, Juni 27th, 2010


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