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BOOST 44cm Erlemeyer flask

Dienstag, Dezember 14th, 2010

Check out this Erlemeyer flask Bong! It has an inside cut, an 18mm chillum connector, diameter 50mm. And it is made of  borosil glass! Best quality for a low price: 27,99 EURO

Royal Germany “BIOHAZARD 2.0″

Dienstag, Oktober 19th, 2010

This bong was build to last! The “BioHaZard 2.0″ by Royal Germany is a high quality bong – made of extra strong pyrex glass. It 45cm high and has very clean sharpening. Friends of high quality will enjoy this bong – and its price: only 34,99€

Dude – Bongs in Cases

Samstag, Oktober 16th, 2010

…ideal for travelling!

Today, we like to present you DUDE BONGS in aluminium cases. There are several sizes between 30cm and 42cm height and different styles available. Those Bongs are ideal for festivals, travelling etc. or just for people who like it organized – everything has its place in the case.

Monstrous GIANT Bongs

Freitag, Oktober 8th, 2010

…for those who like it BIG!

Those monstrous bongs are merciless! With their 74cm x 75mm size, those bongs are designed to give you the hell of a high. Smoke and enjoy!

There are several different types:  choose your favourite - only 42,99 €


Example of a GIANT Bong


Mittwoch, September 29th, 2010

The NAUTILUS is a beautifull glass bong by Black Leaf.
Due to its innovative vertical perculator architecture, this bong does not need a kick hole.

This 32 cm size bong lets you discover the deepest depths of extraordinary smoking.

Die schöne Nautilus


Bongs in Box – ideal for the Summertime outside

Mittwoch, Juli 21st, 2010

If you like Bongs, and if you like to smoke outside you will be satisfied by our range of glass bongs in box.

Theese bongs are very discreet when you transport them and also the box protetects the bong and also the sensitive parts like the Chillum/Joint.

Most bongs in box have enough space in the box so you can also put a bottle with water and some equipment in the box.

They are offered in different sizes and shapes so theres one for everybody.

14cm-Bong-in Box67cm-system-bong-in-box32cm-bowl-bong-in-box39cm-ice-bong-in box

Boost Bongs

Sonntag, Juni 27th, 2010

Here we have a nice Bong for all who like it stably.

The Boost 5mm

m glass bongs come with inside cut and heavy glass chillum so they are more stably than normal standard Bongs.

Boost bongs provide stably quality and features like the Inside cut for a good Price.

The Boost bong range contains lots of different Sizes and forms to ring you the right Bong for your smoking needs.

Boost BongsBoost Bongs

Boost BongsBoost Bongs

50cm (20″) Black Leaf percolator bong

Sonntag, Juni 27th, 2010

50cm Black Leaf Percolator-Bong50cm Black Leaf Percolator BongThe 50cm (20″) Black Leaf percolator bong is a bong wich comes together with a Precooler.

With its precooler and the 5 slot dome perc ist brings you mild and smooth smoke.

With the Precooler, the Chillum and the perc this Bong brings you trippple filtered Smoke.

With its great colur glass design this bong is a real eye catcher.

50cm (20″) Black Leaf percolator bong at Smoketown Headshop

Nice Price Percolator Bongs

Sonntag, Juni 27th, 2010


Find Nice percolator Bongs in our partners Headshop.

This shop is Spezialized in all types of glass Bongs and smoking paraphernalia.